LSA Global Insights Newsletter: A Better Way to Define Your Team’s Purpose

March 30, 2024

A Better Way to Define Your Team’s Purpose

Do You Need to Better Define Your Team’s Purpose?

The ability to define your team’s purpose separates high performing leaders from average team leaders. 

A good team purpose clarifies: 

· What your team does

· How the work connects to the bigger purpose of the company

· Why the work they do matters

· The value each individual on the team uniquely contributes to the work


Why the Ability to Define Your Team’s Purpose Matters

Not having a good team purpose increases the risk of misalignment and ambiguity, which counteracts the conditions necessary for the team to do their best work. A compelling team purpose creates higher levels of team engagement, commitment, decision making, collaboration, and communication.

There are three research-backed questions that high performing teams collectively answer and commit to.

How does your team stack up?



Matt Britton

MRY, a Publicis Groupe Company

"Having tripled in size and recently merged, LSA helped us to create team clarity to increase our level of strategic alignment, solidify our new direction, and push our agency forward with clear goals, roles, and success metrics.

It has really set us on a great path to success.

This is exactly what we needed to take our executive team to the next level."


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