LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Proven Strategies for Executive Teams to Stay Aligned

April 27, 2024

Proven Strategies for Executive Teams to Stay Aligned

Is Your Executive Team Struggling to Stay Aligned?

We know from organizational alignment research that strategic clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing companies in terms of revenue growth, profitability, customer loyalty, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement. 

We also know that even the most coherent strategic plans often do not get fully implemented. That is why strategies for executive teams to stay aligned are paramount.

What Happens to Strategies When Executive Teams Do Not Stay Aligned?

Successfully designing and executing a company strategy is not easy. Strategies for executive teams to stay aligned matter because misaligned executive teams create misaligned strategies that erode and sabotage strategy execution. 

Here is some startling research on the challenge of strategy execution:

  • 60% of employees rated their companies weak at strategy execution.

  • 74% of executives don’t have faith that their company’s strategies will succeed.

  • Non-executive team members find their company’s strategy 50% less clear than their boss.

To Succeed, Things Must Change

Explicit mechanisms can help leadership teams navigate through complexities with confidence, resilience, and unwavering alignment.

Read 3 Proven Strategies for Executive Teams to Stay Aligned


Allen Henderson 

Director, Biochemistry

Impossible Foods

"An excellent strategy session and a great use of everyone’s time.

Thank you for your evident preparation and for keeping the conversation focused and moving forward on what mattered most. 

Exactly what our executive leadership team needed to all get on the same page and make some tough decisions."

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