LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top Pressures Faced by Sales Managers

February 24, 2024

Top Pressures Faced by Sales Managers

Pressures Faced by Sales Managers Are Unique to Their Role

 A sales leader’s average tenure is less than two years, which is far shorter than the tenure of most other managers.

Why is this?

We know it’s partly because salespeople are promoted into management positions without adequate sales management training or experience to handle sales leadership.

Sales leaders are uniquely accountable for leading, managing, and coaching their teams (just like all other new managers) PLUS meeting revenue targets, perhaps the most important and pressure-filled success metric of any organization..

 Not an easy task.

The Top 4 Sales Leadership Pressures that Must Be Overcome

We know from leadership simulation assessment data that sales managers face consistent and visible pressure in four areas that must be addressed in order to succeed.

How do your sales leaders and managers stack up?




 Kim Chaumillon
VP Global Talent Management Trimble, Inc.

"Originally, we launched a RFP to identify a solution selling and sales management training program provider to improve the skills of the sales teams in our global distributor network.


LSA Global challenged our thought process and helped us focus on the systemic factors that create a high performance sales environment first, before we focused on the more symptomatic needs of sales leadership skills training.


Their strategic approach and sales leadership programs are top notch."


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