LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How To Align Teams Around Goals

October 29, 2022

How To Align Teams Around Goals

Too Many Strategies Do Not Get Consistently Implemented

According to research by IBM, 9 out of 10 business plans fail to achieve strategic goals. When leaders do not align teams around goals, our own organizational alignment research found that business strategies are 50% less clear to employees than to leaders.

Until employees have a clear line of sight to how their work directly contributes to strategic priorities, believe they are empowered to achieve the desired results, and feel that the entire company is fully committed to accomplishing what matters most, they will knowingly or unknowingly slow or even impede effective implementation of business goals.

Where is the disconnect and what can we do about it?

Begin with Leadership

If you want to align teams around goals, the first step is to understand that effective strategy execution starts at the top. 

Strategic clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing companies.

Not only must your strategy outline clear and compelling choices about where to play and what actions to take; but it must also be understood, believable, and implementable enough to all key stakeholders responsible for executing it.

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Patrick Resk


Porter Novelli

LSA worked with our Executive Leadership Team to help create strategic clarity and alignment as we look to increase our growth rate and unlock innovation. 

They masterfully handled very complex, challenging, and high stakes leaders, decisions, and cultural nuances to help us identify what matters most and move toward one unified direction.

Their practical, straightforward, and client-centric approach was refreshing. I highly recommend them to any executive team looking to get aligned to create even higher performance."

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