LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Make Better Decisions During Uncertainty

September 24, 2022

How to Make Better Decisions During Uncertainty

Decision Making at Work Needs to Improve
A recent McKinsey survey found that only 20% of executives felt that their organizations excel at making both timely and high quality decisions.

Though leaders spend most of their day making decisions, the majority reported that their decision making time was spent ineffectively.  

Sound familiar?

Improve Decision Making During Uncertainty — A Skill that Matters

Simply defined, decision making is the act of selecting between two or more courses of action.

We know that making sound decisions at work involves the process of identifying a decision, pulling together relevant information and stakeholders, and evaluating various options.

But What If…

Some decisions are uncomplicated and easy to arrive at. But what if you can’t gather all the relevant information, or if the desired result is not clear, or if stakeholders have conflicting agendas?

How do you decide between two competing but worthy alternatives like cutting costs versus spending more time with customers?

This is where leaders and teams struggle.

Read How to Improve Decision Making During Uncertainty


Amy Sing

Head of Strategy Process & Governance

MilliporeSigma, a business of Merck 

I really like the toolkit, interactive breakouts, and the application!

Exactly what we’ve envisioned to improve decision making.

It’s something practical our team can apply in everyday work.

The decision making framing of the rationale and the urgency helps a lot.

Thank you!"

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