LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Better Communicate the Vision for Change

November 26, 2022

How to Better Communicate the Vision for Change

Does Everyone Understand the Vision for Change?

Experienced change leaders do not assume that employees fully understand all the desired changes or why they are important.

Weak Communications = Weak Change
Poor initial change communications are a major factor in the failure to rally people behind organizational change. Somewhere between the vision for change and the communication for change there is a dangerous gap.

Unfortunately, change messages often fail to resonate with employees and do not inspire their commitment to the new ways of working.

Simply put, if you fail to consistently, transparently, and frequently communicate the vision and urgency for change in a way that resonates with people, your chances for success are slim.

What People Want During Times of Organizational Change
During times of uncertainty, employees want to see a realistic plan to get to a better future state and feel confident about their part in it. The clearer the meaning and purpose behind the change, and the more it aligns with your core values, the easier it will be get people on board.

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Jeff Nally
Chief Coaching Officer & CHRO
"Thank you so much for being the right person with the right experience and expertise to lead our Executive Team in re-examining our approach to change leadership.

I’m grateful for how you engaged and challenged us with so many “holy crap!” insights and realizations that we needed."
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