LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Different Strategy Perspectives for Your Next Strategy Retreat

October 28, 2023

Different Strategy Perspectives for Your Next Strategy Retreat


Different Strategy Perspectives to Consider to Get You Where You Want to Go

Effective corporate strategies clearly plot how an organization translates its limited resources and initiatives into a corporate vision for success.

To work, strategies require high levels of strategic clarity, believability, and implementability from the C-suite to the frontline. This requires investing the time to consider different strategy perspectives.

Just as when you plan to travel in unfamiliar territory and need to research information on local customs, requirements, and safety to set your trip up for success, executive teams need to comprehensively consider strategy assumptions and context from different angles.

During a strategy retreat, we find that it helps to consider four different strategy perspectives to help formulate a balanced and holistic business strategy. The more disciplined and clear you can be, the easier it will be to activate your strategy with employees. 

Is your strategy aligned enough to get you where you want to go?.






Peter McGuinness


Impossible Foods

"I have been in a lot of strategy sessions and workshops over the years.  


You are exceptional.  


I very much appreciate your help and perspective in helping the team get on the same page in a very complex, changing, and high stakes situation.


Thank you!"




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