LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Increase Leadership Team Alignment and Commitment

March 25, 2023

How to Increase Leadership Team Alignment and Commitment

The Importance of Team Alignment and Commitment

Based upon over three decades of research and hands-on leadership and team experience, we consider leadership team alignment a key indicator of organizational health and high performance.

Leadership team alignment occurs when all members of the team are working together effectively and willingly to achieve shared goals in a way that makes sense to the people AND the business.

As a team leader, do you fully appreciate the power and promise of team alignment in realizing individual, team, and organizational goals?

Team Alignment and Commitment Research

Our organizational alignment research across eight industries and over 400 companies found that highly aligned companies and teams not only grow revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable, but they also outperform unaligned organizations at these rates:

  • Customer Retention 2.23-to-1
  • Customer Satisfaction 3.2-to-1
  • Leadership Effectiveness 8.71-to-1
  • Employee Engagement 16.8-to-1

How Can You Increase Leadership Team Alignment and Commitment?

Read the key steps to increase leadership team alignment and commitment


Erik Arvesen

Vice President, General Manager

Harris Corporation

"Having taken on a new executive leadership role, one of my first calls was to LSA Global to help my leadership team to get aligned.

We now have 100% commitment from the leadership team and key stakeholders going forward.

I would recommend LSA to anyone who wants to create high levels of strategic alignment, growth, and performance."

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