LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How Top People Leaders Set Teams Up to Succeed

May 28, 2022

How Top People Leaders Set Teams Up to Succeed

Top People Leaders and Managers Know How to Set Up Teams for Success

People leaders come in all shapes and sizes and degrees of effectiveness. But top people leaders generally excel at inspiring others to collectively achieve more together than they could as individuals. 

To achieve a shared vision of success, top leaders do four things more consistently than their lower performing counterparts.

First, top people leaders thoroughly assess the current situation. They know from experience that they need to have a complete picture of the degree to which their team agrees on and clearly understands what matters most in terms of:

  • What the company is trying to accomplish and why
  • What the team is trying to accomplish and why
  • How success will be measured at the individual and team level
  • The team’s scope and interdependencies
  • How each person’s job contributes to the work of the group
  • The biggest perceived barriers to success

Once the current situation is understood by all, top people leaders set up teams for success by getting three additional areas right when compared to their lower performing peers.

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Matt Britton
MRY, a Publicis Groupe Company
"Having tripled in size and recently merged, LSA helped us to create executive team clarity to increase strategic alignment, solidify our new direction, and push our agency forward with clear goals, roles, and success metrics.

As we look to rapidly scale, they really set us on a great path to success.

This is exactly what we needed to take our leadership team to the next level."
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