LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Empower Employees to Make Better Decisions

September 25, 2021

How to Empower Employees to Make Better Decisions

Who Should Decide?
Do your leaders and managers feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they must make day-by-day? The chances are that they have plenty of company.

It is estimated that decision making can take up to 70% of a manager’s time. Leaders and managers need to gain better decision making capabilities.

Understandably, many leaders and managers would like to offload some decisions but, if they don't do it right, results and relationships may suffer.

Delegating decisions can backfire unless you have properly prepared people to take on and make important decisions in a way that makes sense.

How to Empower Employees to Make Better Decisions?
First, according to management training experts, leaders and managers need to determine which decisions can be delegated and to whom.

Typically, easily delegated decisions are rather simple, everyday decisions that can be entrusted to the person or team most familiar with the situation or problem.

But even seemingly innocuous decisions can have far-reaching consequences.

For example, a client team member under pressure recently chose a cheaper small part for their product in order to meet budget targets. But it ended up compromising overall performance to the point that more money and time had to be spent to fix the unintended consequences.

Blake Krikorian
Sling Media
"An extremely effective executive strategic decision making training session that helped our executive team navigate through our core objectives.

It was exactly what we needed. 

The approach was practical and valuable for our specific business and market. I would recommend LSA to anyone looking to push their decision making to the next level."
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