LSA Global Insights Newsletter: What to Do When a Sales Prospect Goes Dark

August 28, 2021

What to Do When a Sales Prospect Goes Dark

The Bad News
No responses to your calls and no replies to your emails – your sales prospect has gone dark! This can be frustrating – especially after good initial sales calls and a seemingly interested new client. The question is, has the sun set on your deal, or can you reignite the sales opportunity with your target client?

Do you despair and simply give up, flood the client with more calls and emails, or craft an approach to figure out what caused the client to go dark?

The Good News
In the sales process, it’s not over until it’s over. Your job now is to create a sales strategy that will give you the information you need to make a sound decision about working (or not) with this prospect.

The 5 Steps to Take When Prospects Go Dark
Here’s what you need to do to figure out how to handle this qualified sales opportunity going forward:

First, Reevaluate Your Own Performance
Being as objective as possible, review your side of the sales opportunity. You know what you should have done based upon consultative selling best practices:

  • Create value each time you interact with your customer
  • Respect their time and point of view
  • Help guide their buying process
  • Respond appropriately whenever there is an objection to overcome
  • Clarify action steps toward the final agreement

Then ask yourself: Did you miss any important steps in the sales process? Are there warning signs that you ignored?

Patrick Arnold
Filice Insurance
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