LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 5 Questions to Stress Test Your Unique Value Proposition

May 29, 2021

5 Questions to Stress Test Your Unique Value Proposition

When Should You Stress Test Your Unique Value Proposition?
If you want to grow and increase performance, your unique value proposition is worth your time and effort to get right.

We define your unique value proposition as what clearly sets you apart in the eyes of your target clients. If you are:

  • getting increased pricing pressure
  • losing key deals
  • having difficulty getting above the noise
  • seeing dips in customer retention
  • or lacking high levels of employee and customer referrals

it is probably time to stress test your unique value proposition with your target customers.

Companies that differentiate themselves from the pack create a competitive advantage and improve their ability to make smart choices about how to market, price, prospect, sell, win deals, serve clients, and allocate resources.

Keys to the Power of a Unique Value Proposition
Sadly, too many companies either have an inward-looking, self-inflated, cliched, or easily comparable explanation of why they are better, faster, and/or cheaper. They forget that most buyers believe that they have many options.

The best value propositions make credible promises to solve important customer problems with quantifiable value in a way that competitors cannot easily match. The real power of a unique differentiator is in its:

  • Uniqueness What makes your offering difficult to replicate or substitute in the eyes of your target clients?

  • Relevance How specifically does your offering help your target clients with what matters most to them and their customers?

  • Proof Where have you successfully helped similar clients in similar situations?

Dan Dica
SVP Worldwide Sales
"We hired LSA to help ensure our sales strategy fully aligns with our business strategy to sustain our hardware business while driving high growth in software and services.

LSA’s ability to measure our level of strategic alignment, pinpoint areas of leverage, and get the entire executive sales team to agree upon what matters most exceeded our expectations.

I would recommend them to any sales leader who wants to drive sales performance."

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