LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top 10 Criteria of an Effective Change Catalyst

September 26, 2020

Top 10 Criteria of an Effective Change Catalyst

Top 10 Criteria of an Effective Change CatalystTop 10 Criteria of an Effective Change Catalyst
What Is a Change Catalyst?
Also called a Change Champion, we define a Change Catalyst as someone who helps to guide, navigate, and accelerate the people side of change with key stakeholders. 

An effective Change Catalyst is responsible for engaging, motivating, communicating, and coordinating with stakeholders and bringing them successfully along the change journey. Done right, Change Catalysts are critical ambassadors and liaisons for desired change at work.

The Track Record on Organizational Change
Most leaders know that change management consulting is hard. According to recent research by Bain of over 300 companies attempting large scale change, only 12% achieved or exceeded their aims, and over one-third failed miserably. 

The biggest barriers to success were:

  • Lack of investment or resources
  • Competing priorities
  • Culture change challenges
  • Organizational obstacles (e.g. structure, decision making)
  • Lack of a compelling case for change

The same research found that senior leadership support, employee engagement and interest, clear goals and metrics, and effective internal communication most heavily contributed to successful organizational change. 

From our perspective, these themes have not changed much over the years. Change Catalysts should play an important role in all four areas - if you select the right people to lead change.

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