LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Free Sales Online Health Check How Does Your Salesforce Stack Up?


Free Sales Online Health Check How Does Your Salesforce Stack Up?

Sales teams are not created equally.  Are your sales practices where they need to be to consistently hit your targets for your unique sales strategy and culture? 

This ten-minute complimentary online diagnostic is for sales leaders who are concerned about the current or future performance of their team.  It quickly benchmarks sales best practices based upon twenty years of high performance research to let you know where you stand in the areas of:
  • Defining, Planning and Executing Sales Strategies
  • Generating Qualified and Targeted Sales Opportunities
  • Communicating and Presenting When the Stakes Are High
  • Selling to Executives at their Level
  • Consultatively Selling Solutions that Add Value
  • Negotiating Successfully with Target Buyers
This proven assessment is for sales teams who are struggling to meet increasingly aggressive sales targets, who face increased competition or pricing pressure, and who need to better align with a new go-to-market sales strategy.  While there are many avenues to improve sales performance, only a few matter most for your unique situation.

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