LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 5 Expert Tips to Better Communicate Your Strategy


5 Expert Tips to Better Communicate Your Strategy

5 Expert Tips to Better Communicate Your Strategy

Could this be you?

A high growth client had enjoyed a competitive advantage and been the leader in their market for decades until key regulations and competition dramatically shifted. The changes created vulnerability with the first signs of distress marked by the loss of a cornerstone account and an increased difficulty in acquiring and retaining top talent.

Confident that they could do better and frustrated with the decline in business, the leadership team was looking for answers.

They spent months understanding the changing market conditions and reshaping the current strategy. They carefully shared the new corporate strategy across the company, but for some reason they were not hitting the mark. When asked, the executive team ranked their strategic clarity at 90% in terms of providing clear reasoning why the company was doing what it was doing and how their suggested group of specific actions should lead to better performance.

Surprising to the leadership team, their employees felt differently. Our 3x Alignment Survey found that their employees rated their strategy at only 60% in terms of clarity, believability and implementation - not enough to rally them to execute the new plans. For corporate initiatives to take root outside of the boardroom, employees must be consistently won over by their validity, significance and urgency.

Unclear business strategies blur priorities and trade-offs for employees and increase negative organizational churn. Good strategies guide the organization, facilitate resource allocation, and sharpen decision-making at every level.

It is the leadership team's responsibility to clearly and consistently communicate and cascade the strategic priorities to each and every employee. You will know you are on the right path when your strategy:

  • Can be shared and understood on one page.
  • Guides important day-to-day decisions.
  • Provides a solid foundation during challenging times.
  • Is constructively discussed, monitored, and refined.
  • Becomes executed consistently throughout the company.
  • Provides a source of motivation and focus.

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