LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are the Interviewing Odds in Your Favor in this Economy?


Are the Interviewing Odds in Your Favor in this Economy?

Unless you can count cards, your chances of winning at Blackjack are slim. In fact, on average you will lose at least $5 for every $100 that you bet. That is how casinos make money.

Unfortunately, based upon how most companies in America interview, they have better odds of beating the casino than they have of hiring the "A" players they desperately need to succeed. 

If you are using the typical "give me an example" behavioral interviewing questions that are easy for candidates to prepare for, you are at risk.

In a previous issue of the Harvard Business Review, Larry Bossidy, the past CEO of AlliedSignal, describes interviewing as "the most flawed process in American business." 

Based on over 25 years of experience in helping organizations improve competency-based behavioral interviewing skills and practices, we couldn't agree more. We also think the root of the problem is obvious and correctable.

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