LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top 10 Articles from 2023

December 30, 2023

Top 10 Articles from 2023


Thank you for letting us into your world and for trusting our approach to align strategy, culture, and talent to create peak performance.

Your continued support and partnership mean the world to us.

Happy and safe holidays to you and your family.

We hope you enjoy the top articles from 2023.

Top 7 Strategy Execution Readiness Questions

Is your strategy having trouble getting traction?

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Strategic Alignment vs. Strategic Agreement

Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that all stakeholders must agree.

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Top 3 Steps to Get Leaders Aligned

If leaders aren't on the same page, it is difficult for teams to thrive.

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3 Sales Strategy Questions Leaders Must Answer

High performing sales leaders get three areas right.

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Communicating Versus Leading Change

"Communicating" change does not make change happen.

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Is Your Corporate Culture Aligned Enough?

71% of the difference in performance comes down to one thing.

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8 Levers to Pull for Sales Growth

What really works to create profitable and sustainable sales growth. 

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Key Steps to Restructure Your Team

Over 80% of reorgs fail to deliver the desired results.

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It Is Not Easy to Transition into a New Managerial Role

60% of new managers fail within the first two years in their new leadership role.

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The Benefits of Project Retrospectives

Post mortems can increase future outcomes by 30%.

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