LSA Global Insights Newsletter: What Top Sales Leaders Do Better

May 27, 2023

What Top Sales Leaders Do Better

The Top Sales Leader Effect — What Top Sales Leaders Do Better than their Peers
Getting the right person to lead the Sales Function matters. The impact of top sales leaders is enormous. According to research by the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, almost 70% of salespeople who exceeded their yearly quota graded their sales leader as excellent or above average.

So, what is it that top sales leaders do better?

What Top Leaders Do Better

We have seen many companies promote top salespeople into sales management roles that have failed miserably. Being a high performing solution seller does not always translate into being an effective sales leader. Sales leadership is about effectively leading, managing, and coaching others to create leverage and sustainability, not doing more selling.

While a background in selling is important, selling skills alone will not help to build an effective sales strategysales culture, or sales team. We know from our sales leadership simulation assessment data that the highest performing sales leaders do five specific things better than their lower performing peers.

See the 5 Areas Where Top Sales Leaders Excel


Robert Zeman

District Sales Manager


"This sales strategy and methodology moved my team from good to great, outperforming teams four times our size. We are now guides and managers of the sales process rather than pushers and pullers.

Employing these techniques opened doors with decision makers who consistently denied access in the past.

Bottom line, it worked in the toughest market we’ve ever faced."

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