LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Set Organizational Change Up for Success

March 26, 2022

How to Set Organizational Change Up for Success

Be Prepared - Organizational Change Is Inherently Messy
Since change is so constant, isn’t it surprising that we are not better at it?

In fact, the record of successful corporate transformations is very poor—less than 33% make it successfully across the finish line. And yet change is something that every company needs to learn how to do if they want to stay competitive.

Companies that hope to remain in the game need to learn how to set up organizational change for success.

Organizational Change Is an Ongoing Journey with Twists & Turns
First, leaders need to accept that organizational change is not “one and done.”

Rather, change is an ongoing journey. Throughout the process of change, leaders need to course correct as lessons are learned and to flex as unexpected obstacles force tweaks in direction.

Organizational Change Requires a Compelling Reason
Next, change leaders need to make a persuasive business case for change — a case that all employees can understand and support.

Leaders need to clearly articulate the vision for change and create a collective sense of urgency for change

Your objective is to make it as easy and desirable as possible for employees to change and somewhat uncomfortable for them to stay the same.

In addition, leaders must model the desired behaviors, address any issues with transparency, and provide incentives for behaving in a way that promotes the change.

Organizational Change Needs Strong Accountability
Successful change is more likely if you take and vigorously maintain two key accountability steps

Are you doing what it takes to set your desired changes up to succeed?


Cris Alvarez
VP Corporate Strategy
Cambridge Investment Research
"I can’t emphasize enough what a huge shift you helped to create for us as an organization. Thanks again for your change management help and guidance.

The clarity, practicality, focus, and accountability are exactly what we needed to make this major transformation a success from a hearts and minds perspective."
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