LSA Global Insights Newsletter: The Benefit of Putting Customers First

November 20, 2021

The Benefit of Putting Customers First



Your Sales Team Should Be Upselling - Right?

How many times have you been told in business sales training to look for ways to upsell your buyers?


Certainly, selling more to existing customers is easier than winning over new customers. And if you do upsell effectively, you provide more value for your customer. Win-win.


But there is more to the story of the benefit of putting your customers first.


Upselling only tells part of the story. In fact, there are times when instead of upselling, a successful salesperson ought to try the opposite technique — downselling.


Establishing Credibility and Trust

Think about meeting a sales prospect for the first time.


They may have little reason to trust you. Buyers may believe you have an agenda that deprioritizes their needs and that you’re there to make the biggest sale you can.


But what if you show them you’re willing — even happy — to make a smaller sale if doing so truly serves their interests?


A Large-Scale Study

Researchers from three U.S. universities gave the servers of a large restaurant chain the option of either upselling four expensive dishes or downselling four inexpensive options. Several hundred customers were served under these conditions, and the researchers then went back and surveyed the responses.


The results have immediately applicable implications for you and your sales team.







Daniel Heckman

Director of Sales Enterprise Accounts

Avid Technology

"We turned to LSA to help us take our executive and solution selling skills to the next level.


Their ability to formally assess our situation, identify key sales skill gaps, develop a plan to measure the results, and fully implement a key sales initiative has been outstanding.


LSA delivers the full solution; not just business sales training."

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