LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 3 Options to Effectively Develop New Managers

April 24, 2021

3 Options to Effectively Develop New Managers

Management Practices Matter

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Study, the most enduringly successful companies excel at specific management practices such as strategy, culture, innovation, problem anticipation, and performance coaching.

The good news is that these management practices can be measured, learned, practiced, and improved. There are several effective options to develop managers.

Manager Performance is Not Meeting Expectations
According to McKinsey and the Corporate Executive Board, executives are not happy with the performance of their frontline managers and managers are not being set up to succeed.

  • Executive Perspective - Nearly 70% of senior executives are only “somewhat” or “not at all satisfied” with the performance of their companies’ frontline managers.

  • Manager Perspective - A stunning 81% of frontline managers are not satisfied with their own performance.

  • Performance - A whopping 60% of new managers underperform during their first two years.

  • Training - 85% of new people supervisors receive no training prior to switching into the role of manager.

Are You Willing to Let Your Managers Fail?
Managers are not prepared for the key challenges they face when held responsible for managing people and the team’s results rather than their own individual contribution.

With no new manager training in what it means to lead and manage a team, new people supervisors often flounder, and their teams lack the effective leader they need to perform.

Amanda Garrett
Director, Talent Development
Gilead Sciences
"LSA Global helped us to fundamentally rethink our approach to manager development.

They consistently grounded and connected our thinking back to the business priorities and our unique culture.

The results were innovative, thought provoking, and exciting – exactly what we needed. I can’t thank them enough."