LSA Global Insights Newsletter: The Surprising Way to Increase Salesforce Motivation and Performance

February 26, 2021

The Surprising Way to Increase Salesforce Motivation and Performance

Can you imagine any sales leader who does not want to increase the motivation and performance of their salesforce?

Of course not. But easier said than done, right?

Sure, you must train your sales team and offer proportionate and aligned financial incentives, but we have learned over the last three decades that sales skills and financial rewards alone do not drive extraordinary sales motivation and high performance.

Year after year, the highest performing salespeople are intrinsically motivated. It is up to each sales organization to identify, align, leverage, and sustain that motivation at a high level.

The Surprising Way to Increase Salesforce Motivation
What most sales organizations miss when they seek to motivate their sellers is conviction – the heart-felt belief that their products, services, and insights provide unparalleled value to their buyers.

There is a significant correlation between seller conviction, seller motivation, and seller performance.

When sellers believe that their offerings bring unique value to their customers, they simply sell more.

John Biondo
Americas Sales Channel Relations
Trimble, Inc.
"We engaged LSA Global to help improve the value selling competencies of our sales channel partners. 

While much still has to be accomplished in terms of sales performance coaching and creating a high performance sales culture, I am delighted by how much of the customized solution selling training is being consistently used and the impact that it is having in the field."