LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How Managers Can Make Better Decisions

January 30, 2021

How Managers Can Make Better Decisions

Are Your Managers Making Good Decisions?

One of the most important, and yet one of the most challenging skills for new managers, is the ability to make effective decisions. 


New managers, especially, often struggle with making decisions because their decisions now affect other people, are more visible, and are often more complex. 


The good news is that managers can make "the right" decisions.


Unfortunately, the “right way” is not at always clear. Decision making can be fraught with obstacles. Yet, managers can make better decisions if they learn to avoid the five most common decision-making traps.


Voice of the Customer

"We selected LSA Global over five others to help take our decision making capabilities to the next level as we look to continue our growth trajectory.

My leadership team was skeptical at first, but LSA’s ability work with us at the strategic, cultural, and leadership levels exceeded our expectations.

I highly recommend LSA to any executive team looking to get aligned to grow faster."

Amy Webber | CEO | Cambridge Investment Research

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