LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Make Goals and Accountabilities Clear During Crisis

March 21, 2020

How to Make Goals and Accountabilities Clear During Crisis

Unfortunately, leaders cannot hit the pause button during times of uncertainty. Now, more than ever, employees expect their leaders to be clear, honest, transparent, and anticipatory.

While the natural inclination for many leaders in times of crisis is to be in command-and-control mode to make urgent decisions quickly, it is equally important to actively involve people in discussions and decisions whenever possible. 

Crisis creates a wonderful opportunity for leaders to explicitly model and reference values that matter most, meet people where they are, and most of all listen.

Goals and Accountabilities Matter More During Times of Uncertainty
Good leaders create clarity during times of uncertainty; bad leaders allow ambiguity, misalignment, and frustration.

Even without a crisis, 42% of workers across every gender, age group, and function rated “having unclear goals” as their top source of stress – almost three times higher than having a “bad manager.”

When Goals and Accountabilities Are Unclear During a Crisis
Ambiguity makes it challenging for employees to feel confident about what matters most, to know how they are doing, and to understand when to seek help. 

Unclear goals and accountabilities during a crisis directly lead to ...

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