LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Until You Find a True Magician...Change that Works

March 31, 2014

Until You Find a True Magician...Change that Works

People resist change. Leaders resist change. Yet, to be successful, companies must constantly change.

Organizational change occurs at many levels and for many different reasons. From assisting an under-performing leader, to merging two businesses, to shaping a high performance culture and strategy, change is necessary to compete over time.

At its essence, change is about getting people to behave in a new way.

New habits are tricky. As humans, we embrace some big changes - getting married, buying a house, taking on a new job and having a baby. And we fight others - losing weight, quitting smoking, following a new sales process, being on time.

We know that people change when their circumstances change. Top leaders know that it is their responsibility to shape their organization's environment to get the most from their people within their unique strategy and marketplace.

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