LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 3 Signs of Good and Bad Strategies

June 29, 2019

3 Signs of Good and Bad Strategies

3 Signs of Good and Bad Strategies

Ineffective Strategies Hinder Growth.

Too many leaders settle for strategic growth plans that won't work.  Why?  If leaders do not understand the difference between good and bad strategies, their strategic plans are flawed from the beginning.

Strategies that lack an understanding of the key challenges that need to be overcome, or that have an insufficient focus, or that take an unrealistic approach are just wishful thinking.  

The best leaders know not to settle or be fooled by a bad strategy - one that does not represent the hard work it takes to design and implement a good strategy.

3 Signs of a Bad Corporate Strategy
A bad strategy is likely to be loaded with slogans and wishful thinking.  A bad strategy:
  1. Fails to Address the Organization's Real Problems
     A bad strategy fails to address the true root causes of stalled growth, ineffectiveness, and sub-par performance. They also tend to underestimate unintended consequences and the inevitable time delay between action and results.
  2. Tries to Do Too Much
     Strategic planning should not reflect a laundry list of "to do's" or strive for an unachievable summit. A company's strategy should focus on the critical few attainable strategic actions that will make the most difference.  While every business can benefit from improvements on multiple fronts, plans that are diluted, confusing, or impractical do not work.
  3. Is Misaligned
    Strategies that are misaligned with the company culture, or with the people who must execute it, or with the market forces at play are just swimming upstream. Bad strategies tend to fight the natural flow of how work gets done and the capabilities required to be successful.
A Good Corporate Strategy
A strategy that can be effectively followed and that can guide an organization toward a successful future has three fundamental elements. 

Voice of the Customer

"Having tripled in size and recently merged, LSA helped our executive team to increase our level of strategic alignment, solidify our new direction, and push our agency forward. As we look to rapidly scale, the clear and actionable critical few strategic moves combined with how we differentiate ourselves has really set us on a great path to success. This is exactly what we needed to get to the next level."
Matt Britton | CEO | MRY, a Publicis Groupe Company

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