LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Talent: 1/3rd of the Recipe for Success


Talent: 1/3rd of the Recipe for Success

Out of 3 men trying to scale a wall, only one succeeds with a ladder

The goal of talent management is to create and sustain organizational excellence through people - specifically by attracting, developing, engaging and retaining the top talent that makes sense for your specific business strategy and unique organizational culture.

Done right, effective talent management can differentiate your company from the competition in both good and bad times. Done poorly, inconsistent and unaligned talent management approaches can grind your company to a halt.  

Proactive and differentiated talent management can certainly lead to extraordinary results. Just think of the last time that you were on a team that was firing on all cylinders. To take your talent management to the next level:

  • Know what constitutes high performance in your organization and then hire, cultivate, promote and reward people appropriately based upon their contribution and potential.
  • Invest wisely in employee selection, onboarding, compensation, career development and succession planning.
  • Have clear, accurate, fair, meaningful, aligned, timely and achievable success metrics for each and every employee. 

Many human resource leaders are adept at the individual steps required to attract, develop, engage and retain talent. In our experience, however, few organizations have an integrated talent management strategy that is aligned with their business priorities and corporate culture. 

Sure, recruiting's hiring forecast is typically linked to a budget that was an output of the strategy, and employee engagement has gained importance as of late; but beyond that, most talent management functions appear reactive and un-tethered from the strategic and cultural realities of the business.  

If you are looking for a sustainable and profitable talent management strategy to help grow your business and your people, there are three critical factors our Organizational Alignment Research uncovered that need to be in place. And all three need to be inextricably connected and aligned.
  1. Your Business Strategy - the clear and compelling choices about where to play and what actions to take.
  2. Your Corporate Culture -  how things truly get done in your organization including the way people think, behave and work.  
  3. Your Talent - how you attract, develop, engage and retain talent that fits your unique situation.

Voice of the Customer

"LSA Global's ability to engage and retain talent has been a blessing.  Their ability to help us sort through complex organizational changes and provide flexible, customized information gives a high level of comfort and confidence in the work. They helped us identify and take actions to engage and retain talent while addressing the concerns of our unique workforce. In all, LSA provides us with great value and expertise, and I would highly recommend them."
Mike Normant | Senior Director Training | ServiceSource

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