LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Employee Engagement & Retention Health Check


Employee Engagement & Retention Health Check

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Are you and your managers engaging and retaining the top talent you need to succeed? 

We define employee engagement as an organization's ability to create a work environment that drives high levels of employee advocacy, discretionary effort and intent to stay. 
  • Employee Advocacy - Do employees think and speak highly of the organization, its leaders, managers, employees, products, quality and future outlook?
  • Discretionary Effort - Do employees think of ways to do their jobs better?
  • Intent to Stay - Do employees want to be a part of the organization?
The highest performing managers create the environment required for their employees to stay and thrive.  Why?  Because engaged employees are more than satisfied, more than committed; they are emotionally connected.  They consistently go out of their way to over-achieve, actively promote your business, and stay with you during good times and bad.

Put simply, engaged employees are more productive AND more profitable.

If you would like to know how you stack up to leading organizations in the areas of employee engagement and retention, then this health check is for you.

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