LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Get a 14X Improvement in Sales Performance

March 31, 2015

How to Get a 14X Improvement in Sales Performance

How to Get a 14X Improvement in Sales Performance

According to the McKinsey Quarterly, a top quartile performing salesperson is 14 times more productive than an average performer. We certainly see the same at our clients.

We believe that it is a sales leader's responsibility to create the sales environment necessary to stimulate higher performance from their sales force. On most sales teams, leaders need to get more from their people in order to be successful. For example, a current high tech client has 31 percent of reps above quota, 36 percent at 50-70% of quota and 33 percent at less than 50% of quota. To meet targets, the VP of sales needs to increase percent to quota by 20% in twelve months. Regardless of the industry or size of the sales force, it comes down to leaders' ability to stimulate the performance of others.

Of course hiring and retaining the right sales people (see above article) is absolutely critical. But once the right sales people are aboard, how does a sales leader create a sales environment that significantly improves speed to quota, revenue, margin, win-rate, deal size, etc.?

That is the sales leader's challenge and, when it is not done well, it will matter little if you have the right sales team or not. An ineffective sales leader can render an entire sales organization ineffective. Just as a great coach improves the performance of an athlete, effective sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams.

Most of our clients cite creating a high performance culture as one of their top three talent management priorities, but almost two-thirds of their line managers do not feel that the talent and performance management processes they have today are driving greater performance. Because the success of a sales leader depends on the success of others, we asked ourselves three questions:

  1. Execution: How do sales leaders drive improved go-to-market strategic execution and individual contribution across an entire sales organization?

  2. Performance: How can sales leaders consistently make the right moves to stimulate performance improvement from their people?

  3. Scale: How can sales leaders ensure that performance improvement scales throughout an entire sales team instead of just in small pockets of success? The answer to all three questions forms the foundation of creating and maintaining a High Performance Sales Culture

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