LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top 5 Sales Culture Warning Signs


Top 5 Sales Culture Warning Signs

Once your sales strategy is clear enough to act, it is the sales leader's job to create the high performance environment necessary to get results for you and your clients.

We define culture as how things get done in an organization - especially when no one is looking. Many still mistakenly believe that culture is "soft HR-type stuff" that can be ignored because it does not have a quantifiable impact on performance.

Successful sales organizations know better.

They understand and leverage their culture to outperform their competition. They ensure that the right behaviors get modeled, measured and rewarded for both their customers and their business. They consistently improve or dismiss sub-standard performers quickly.

One recent Harvard Business School research report described how an effective culture can account for up to half of the differential in performance between organizations in the same business.

Is your sales culture an asset or a liability?

Based upon over 20 years of research, here are the top 5 sales culture warning signs:

  1. There is an ambiguous definition of high or low performance
  2. Non-improving low performers stick around or high performers do not embody espoused culture
  3. It is unclear if "the way" creates success
  4. Key success metrics are perceived as confusing, conflicting, or unfair
  5. There is success-driven complacency

If any of these warning signs are appearing in your organization, it is time for you to act.

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