LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Is It Really Possible to Change an Organization's Culture? The Top 10 Success Factors

March 31, 2014

Is It Really Possible to Change an Organization's Culture? The Top 10 Success Factors

Surveys of companies around the world confirm that the majority of culture change and transformation initiatives do not achieve their objectives. In fact, a discerning observer could conclude that it would be foolhardy to even try to change an organization's culture.

Our experience and expertise, however, tell us it is indeed difficult, but not impossible, to change a culture. And, after designing and implementing dozens of culture shaping and change projects, we have learned what it takes to succeed. Culture change initiatives that work are characterized by 10 key principles and best practices.

Culture Change Success Rates
A recent survey looked at over 1500 companies worldwide that had engaged in corporate transformation initiatives in the past 5 years. 38% of these companies reported their initiatives were "completely" or "mostly successful." The remaining 62% stated their attempts to transform their organizations were only "somewhat successful" or "unsuccessful."

Success was measured based on improving the organization's performance using factors such as profitability, return on capital, market value and inventory reduction. Qualitative factors such as a positive shift in organizational engagement and morale, improved capabilities, and closer relationships with customers and suppliers were also measured.

Learning from studies like these combined with our 25+ years of hands-on experience helping clients on major change initiatives, we have come up with the top 10 culture change success factors.

If you are undergoing organizational culture change, this list is for you.

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