LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Understanding and Leading Change to Improve Execution and Drive Business Results


Understanding and Leading Change to Improve Execution and Drive Business Results

Increased breadth, complexity, and the speed of change provide a unique challenge to leaders who are continually being asked to do more with less.

Not surprisingly, most change initiatives fail to meet original expectations - up to 70% by some accounts.

Even though change is typically used to improve the current situation, maintaining the status quo is far easier than making an organizational change. Change is work. To succeed, leaders must balance a laser-like focus and an unwavering commitment with great flexibility and intelligent adaptation as they navigate change.

Effective leaders understand and practice how to field resistance to change, analyze the current state of change acceptance in their teams (awareness, understanding, acceptance, commitment) and thoughtfully plan responses to better help move teams through change.

Our clients typically use change management to:

  • Help an under performing leader or team
  • Improve cooperation and results across business units and functions.
  • Align their unique organizational culture with specific strategic goals.
  • Integrate multiple change initiatives.
  • Increase stakeholder and employee commitment, engagement and motivation.
  • Improve leadership and change agent readiness and workforce resilience. 

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