LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Global, Remote & Virtual Teams - What Works


Global, Remote & Virtual Teams - What Works

No longer just "nice to have."
With most companies placing increasing dependence upon virtual and global teams to execute their strategies, it is imperative that leaders and managers have the critical skills required to work effectively with diverse colleagues, teams, and clients around the world.

To be successful with global teams, managers must learn how to gain top performance with remote team members of different cultures. This includes gaining insight to culture's effect on planning, taking initiative, teamwork and change.

To get results from remote and virtual teams, managers must be able to communicate critical information clearly, use new technology to improve efficiency, avoid typical pitfalls of remote teams, build trust on the telephone, handle global challenges, avoid cultural misunderstandings and accomplish time-driven goals at a distance.

If you would like to learn what our repeat clients like Cisco, IBM, HP, SAP, Apple, Pfizer, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Accenture, Novartis, Charles Schwab, Synopsys, Network Appliance, LexisNexis, Hewitt Associates, Oracle, Seagate, Juniper Networks, Hitachi, Farmers Insurance, and Wipro do to succeed with their widely dispersed and diverse teams, then these solutions are for you.

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