LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Budget Time: 3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Budget


Budget Time: 3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Budget

Faster and More Frequent
The stock market used to make big news by moving 50 points in a session. These days it seems like 200+ point swings are occurring with more regularity.

This volatility is causing havoc with many of our clients who feel uncertain about the "right" way to invest in their company's future. For example:

• Companies have jobs to fill, but they are having trouble finding the "right people."
• Leaders have initiatives to start, but worry about the "right approach."
• Salesforces have opportunities, but buyers are waiting until the "right time."

Steve Jobs said that "perfect is the enemy of good enough." Our most successful clients know that you need to consistently take steps to get better - not necessarily perfect.

To keep up with the pace of today's change (seems as though this is said every decade), action is required to put yourself in a position to be in the game and learn from any mistakes faster than your competition.

The same can be said of budgeting. If you are like most of our clients, your training budgets will receive more scrutiny this year.

Perfect (in terms of giving your employees everything that they want) is probably not an option. But you need to do something. How do you get it "right?"

Learn more about the 3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Budget - One that Gets Approved by Executives...

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