LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 7 Leadership Development Best Practices: A Fast Track to Executive Bench Strength


7 Leadership Development Best Practices: A Fast Track to Executive Bench Strength


That is the number of organizations in a recent study that cited significant leadership skill gaps.

In the same survey, as many as 70% of those companies confessed that they are doing nothing to close those gaps. Why?

We believe that there are two fundamental causes for these findings reported by research firms for the past decade.

1. Current Leadership Development Programs Not Adding Measurable Value: Those companies which have leadership development programs are not producing leaders who meet the specific needs of their organization.

2. Skeptical of the Value: Those without leadership action learning programs are reluctant to start down the traditional but ineffective leadership development path.

The traditional leadership development approach involving interviews, training needs assessments, competency models, instructional design, blended learning, and complex training measurement systems is too slow and too ill-equipped to create executives capable of addressing their company's critical challenges.

Most companies just don't have the luxury of 1 - 2 years to develop and roll-out a leadership program - let alone one with little promise for the application of new skills learned or for an observable, measurable impact on the business.

As recent winners of the 2010 Bersin Leadership Development Excellence Award, we know that there is a better way.

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