LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Create a High Performance Sales Environment


Create a High Performance Sales Environment

Have you ever wondered why the "rainmaker" you hired ended up creating a drought?

How often have you seen your peak performers fail to sustain their revenue stream?

Are your sales managers placing the right amount of "sales pressure" on your teams to get the best short- and long-term sales results?

Often, as Sales Leaders, we think that we have made all of the right investments.

  • We pay for screening tools to select the right sales talent.
  • We invest heavily in the latest and greatest (usually re-packaged and re-branded) sales methodologies, training, processes, and techniques.
  • We observe. We give feedback. We coach.
Yet, most sales organizations continue to experience unreliable revenue streams, unwanted turnover, and investments that never pan out. Why?

We find that the answer is usually centered around the specific corporate sales environment that sales teams operate within.

We know that salespeople adapt or change when their environment changes. We have also found that the right sales environment is often the best first step for impacting high sales performance.

Based on our research, sales leaders often make the mistake of investing in sales coaching, training, tools, and technology before creating a high performance sales environment that will drive performance to a higher level.

Our job as sales leaders is to create the circumstances that allow others to thrive.

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