LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top 10 Training Warning Signs


Top 10 Training Warning Signs

86%. That is the percent of people from our recent Q1 poll that believe that their CEO would say that their current training programs do not significantly impact business performance.


While that number may be shocking to some, it does not surprise those of us who have been in this business for decades. It certainly is not a revelation to "line people" who are being asked to do more with less and who are tired of wasting time at irrelevant and poorly reinforced training events that do not "move the needle" in terms transferring the training to on-the-job performance improvement or tangible business outcomes .

Making matters worse, average learning and development industry spend estimates range from $60b-$120b per year and between $500 and $1,500 per learner depending upon who you ask and how you parse the data. Even if these averages are off by 50%, the numbers are still too big to be ignored.

Additionally, in most organizations, only a fraction of the true training costs are visible. Most cost estimates do not include the top three hidden costs of ineffective leadership development and management training programs, among others.

How could such large investments do so poorly in the eyes of leadership?

If you believe that the business and performance impact of your training programs may not hold up under scrutiny from your CEO, then you should make sure that you are avoiding the top 10 warning signs that your training function may be in trouble.

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