LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Training Measurement Best Practices


Training Measurement Best Practices

Are you making the right business impact?

Unfortunately, if you asked your executives and stakeholders, odds are that the answer is - NO!

Not surprisingly, when we ask training and HR about the impact of their training initiatives, most tell us that they are making the right impact - even though the majority admit that they did not measure the training program it and are unclear about what happens "after people leave the session," or if there was an effective transfer of training.

When we look deeper however, the data is less encouraging:

  • Leaders believe that 90% of training initiatives fail to meet expectations
  • 75% of CEO's do not believe that training is impacting their business
  • Without systemic training reinforcement, 80% of skills and knowledge are not transferred back to the job
Based upon more than 600 training assessment and measurement projects, we have substantial evidence that consistent executive coaching combined with clear measurement achieves significantly higher levels of cultural and environmental performance than stand alone training events.

If you have a training initiative that is critical to your success or the success of your business, make sure that you can answer the following questions. Eventually someone will want to know.

  1. Impact: Is it making an impact?
  2. Adoption: Are people using the new knowledge, skills and processes?
  3. Reinforcement: Are managers involved, supportive, and reinforcing?
  4. Coaching: Are we providing individualized feedback that is relevant, simple, and actionable?
Having answers to the above 4 questions is proven to help drive the right amount of accountability to make an impact.

While you may think that it is too difficult or too costly to measure and reinforce training, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.

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