LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are You Set Up to Hire "A" Players During this Buyers Market?


Are You Set Up to Hire "A" Players During this Buyers Market?

As unemployment soars, will your interviewing and talent management practices help you take advantage of the available talent?

Are you hiring the best candidates to help you weather the storm and take advantage of the turnaround?

Even with record unemployment and significant cost cutting, client requests for interviewing performance support have unexpectedly spiked in the last 6 weeks.

With thousands of quality people looking for work, how could this be? Shouldn't it be easy to cherry pick "A" players in these tough times?

Not counting the negative impact on team morale and employee engagement, the costs of a bad hire range from one to five times their salary. So it is not surprising that people would like help in effectively and efficiently sifting through the hundreds of applicants landing on their doorstep. Most companies and teams cannot afford to hire "B" or "C" players.

If you would like to know how your interviewing process stacks up to leading organizations, this complimentary 10-minute Interviewing Best Practices Health Check Analysis is for you...

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