LSA Global Insights Newsletter: The Top 14% of Skills for High Performing Leaders

March 25, 2018

The Top 14% of Skills for High Performing Leaders

A businessman is tracking his progress as he acquires The Top 14% of Skills for High Performing Leaders

What Makes an Effective Leader?
Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written about how to lead well...not to mention all the leadership development programs that purport to prepare new leaders for the challenges that lie ahead. 

While it can be daunting to try to assess whether leaders have what it takes to be successful, developing successful leaders can and should be a competitive advantage for companies. 

Leadership Gaps Exist
Our clients tell us important leadership gaps exist in their organizations, and that they feel unprepared to adequately meet current and future business needs. 

Even though the productivity gains and positive cultural implications of internal promotions have been well documented, too many organizations lack a defined leadership pipeline and succession plan for critical roles. 

Leadership Training Investments Are High
While companies report that leadership gaps exist, the investment in management and leadership training remains the highest spend (approximately 35%) of any corporate training investments. How do you connect this disconnect?

Forty-two Leadership Competencies
While all businesses are unique, leadership competencies can be used to effectively select, develop and promote high performing leaders. Over the years, our clients have identified forty-two leadership competencies that play a role in being an effective and high performing leader depending upon your specific strategy, culture and situation.  

A long list to be sure. 

While the list is certainly not perfect or exhaustive, it does highlight a major leadership challenge - leaders cannot be great at forty-two things and companies cannot invest the time or money in all forty-two competencies.

Some Leadership Skills Matter More Than Others
Our twenty-five years helping leaders identify and build the skills to be high performers has taught us that some leadership skills matter more than others - especially when people take on a new leadership role. And the leadership skills that matter most at one company may not matter most at another because of the different strategies and cultures. 

 Leadership is very contextual.

Voice of the Customer

"We engaged LSA Global to help redesign our core management curriculum. Not only did LSA provide masterful facilitation, but they consistently grounded and connected our thinking back to business relevance and impact. The results were innovative, thought provoking and exciting - exactly what we needed. I can't thank them enough."
Amanda Garrett | Associate Director, Talent Management | Gilead Sciences

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