LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Business Sales Training Programs Need Sales Coaching to Succeed

August 26, 2017

Business Sales Training Programs Need Sales Coaching to Succeed

You need a coach for business sales training programs to take you to your next peak of performance.

Sales success can be elusive. 

Based upon having measured sales training programs for the last 20 years, we believe that business sales training programs on their own are often an exercise in futility.

Sure, customized and targeted business sales training programs help sales reps to become more aware of what it takes to perform and the gain the specific consultative selling skills they need to succeed. But our research shows that business sales training program participants must be consistently held accountable, must believe the new skills and knowledge are required for them to succeed, and must have a competent sales coach to help them improve.  Without all three, only 20% sales reps change their behavior from business sales training.

Processes must be implemented to measure the progress of each sales rep and to encourage skill adoption when it matters most. And, to ensure continuous learning, each sales rep needs a sales performance coach who can provide the support to improve.

What does it take to be an effective sales coach...the kind of coach that capitalizes on and is a necessary part of any business sales training program?

1.  Believability. 
A sales coach is believable only if they have not only “carried a bag” successfully, but also if they have successfully managed and coached other sales force’s before. Sales coaches need to know what it takes to motivate and support behavior change in a way that works for each coachee. 

2.  Performance. 
The fundamental purpose of a sales coach is to help improve sales performance in a way that aligns with both the sales strategy and sales culture.  Make sure that expectations are clear, goals are defined and progress is tracked along the way.

3.  Feedback. 
The best sales coaches provide a mirror into strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving future performance. They know how to encourage with authentic, timely, accurate, and precise insights, feedback and encouragement.

If you want to improve skill adoption from your business sales training programs, incorporate targeted sales coaching into your training design.  Reps who receive consistent and frequent sales coaching outsell their peers 4-to-1.

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