LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Project Team Toolkit


Project Team Toolkit

a graphic of 5 oarsmen (plus their coxswain) all rowing in the same direction the way project teams should work

Do you need to get your team rowing in the same direction?

Recognizing that nearly all projects are accomplished through the concerted, coordinated work of project teams, effective project team leaders balance the art of leadership and the science of project management.

Whether your teams are made up of part-time volunteers or highly-skilled professionals, their productivity and success is dramatically affected by the relationships within the team and the ability to function as a cohesive unit.

Project teams have a special challenge: they come together for a temporary assignment in which they face a unique problem. Successful project teams build a positive project team environment and learn to work together to solve problems even in the face of conflict. 

This research-backed project team toolkit includes:
  • The Critical Characteristics of a Great Executive Project Sponsor
  • The Top 5 Warning Signs of a Bad Project Leader
  • The 3 Keys to Successful Project Leadership
  • How to Break the Resource Gridlock: Prioritize to Accelerate
  • Must Have Tips for Getting the Project Resources You Need to Succeed
  • Proven Strategies on How to Better Choose Between Projects
  • The 6 "Get Right" Basics of a Great Project Kick-off Meeting
  • The Top 4 Project Challenges Every Team Must Overcome
  • 3 Proven Steps to Better Manage Internal and External Project Stakeholder Risks
  • The Top 5 Warning Signs that Your Performance Environment May Be Destroying Your Project
  • 20 Project Management Best Practice Templates
  • 5 Steps to Get Your Project Team Pulling in the Same Direction
  • How to Best Handle a Fixed Deadline when Project Scope is Unclear
  • Top 10 Project Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

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