LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Assess the Health of Your Contact Center


Assess the Health of Your Contact Center

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Is your contact center set up to succeed? 

Creating loyal and repeat customers makes sense.  Research has shown that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can boost profits by as much as 25% to 85%. 

Determining the best way to create loyal and profitable customers in a way that makes sense for your specific strategy and culture is not straight forward.

When Harvard Business Review recently researched the dimensions of customer service they would most like to see companies provide, the highest number (65%) said "knowledgeable employees." Consumers defined these desirable employees as being able to "answer my questions without putting me on hold, searching for someone, or transferring me." 

Organizations must create positive experiences for customers with each and every interaction if they wish to thrive. These customer experiences drive repeat business, cross-selling and up-selling of services, loyal customers, and referrals. It also decreases the overall cost of service and the cost of sales.

If you would like to know how your contact center stacks up to leading organizations across 16 fundamental best practices, then this diagnostic is for you.

Assess Your Contact Center Health Now

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