LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 6 Ways to Foster Better Project Team Collaboration


6 Ways to Foster Better Project Team Collaboration

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Project teams that work collaboratively are high performing teams that consistently produce high quality results and care about the goals they reach together. 

And the reverse also is true...project teams that don't value and practice collaboration are low performing teams that miss deadlines, do not meet quality standards, overrun budgets and drain the company resources and energy. Have you taken a close look at the teams in your organization lately? 

There are many reasons why teams fail to work well together. Signs that they are struggling could vary from ineffective meetings to poor decision-making processes, from nasty turf wars to a practice of side-bar conversations that undermine trust. In today's world where so many initiatives depend upon team effort and success, you cannot afford to have teams that are stymied by conflict rather than greased by the oil of cooperation.

Granted, teams are larger and more complex in this global economy. Organizations depend upon many diverse, highly educated team members to get important jobs done. Team members come from different backgrounds, range across geographical borders and must connect virtually with previously unknown experts and often under an urgent and highly visible timeline. The challenge for teams and team leaders is huge. How can you successfully coalesce a global team, keep them focused on the objectives you have set, and count on their working effectively and productively together? 

Numerous studies point to the critical underpinning of successful teams...a pervasive feeling of trust.

We know that trust is the foundation of strong, positive relationships. Since all teams (not just project teams) are based upon relationships that work, trust must also be the foundation of strong, successful teamwork. Our research has uncovered six ways that you can establish an atmosphere that promotes trust among the players and set the team up to succeed.

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