LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Benchmark Your Management Practices to See Where You Stand


Benchmark Your Management Practices to See Where You Stand

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Are your managers driving performance in a way that makes sense in both the short- and long-term?  Are they creating a high performance work environment for their teams?  Do they have what it takes to succeed? 

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Study, the most enduringly successful companies, those delivering a 10-fold return to investors over a ten year period, excel at specific management practices. While that is great news, managers at our clients tell us that they are over-worked and under-prepared to set themselves and their teams up for success.  They are eager, but frustrated and hungry for help. They want more and feel as though they do not have the time or support to be as successful as they want and need to be.

Because managers are often the leverage point where "stuff gets done," we believe an organization's ability to create, execute, and sustain a competitive advantage depends greatly on the quality and depth of their management capabilities at all levels. Yet, the majority of leaders report alarming competency gaps in their management teams - especially for new and mid-level managers. 

According to executives, managers must be able to positively navigate seven key management challenges:

  1. Transitioning from individual contributor to manager
  2. Creating consistent management and performance management practices
  3. Increasing employee performance and career development
  4. Reducing employee relations issues
  5. Ensuring legal compliance 
  6. Attracting and retaining high potentials 
  7. Responding to changing business needs
Managers across all industries are being asked to do more with less, faster.  It is no wonder why many feel overwhelmed and underappreciated; they lack the resources, time or skills to do it right.  

In return for about 9 minutes of your time, you will receive a complimentary Management Best Practices Health Check to benchmark whether or not your managers have the best practice skills, knowledge, and tools to drive performance, engagement, retention, and profits. 

It quickly assesses 14 management best practices based upon twenty years of research. 

Benchmark Your Management Practices in 9 Minutes Now

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