LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Benchmark Your Contact Center to See Where You Stand


Benchmark Your Contact Center to See Where You Stand

The word "customer" is part of many words like "satisfaction, trust, loyalty, erc.

Creating lasting customer loyalty makes business sense.  Depending upon how you run your customer service function, a 5% increase in customer loyalty can boost profits by as much as 25% to 85%. 

We know from experience that satisfied clients lead to greater profitability and higher growth.  The goal of any customer service leader should be to determine how to most effectively create loyal and profitable customers in a way that makes sense for their specific business strategy and organizational culture.

Every customer interaction has the potential to move levels of customer loyalty up or down. These "moments of truth" matter.  The better your customer service team is able to work through customer interactions with the necessary skill and understanding, the greater your chances to delight and retain and grow your customer base.

Are you creating positive customer experiences with each interaction?  Is repeat business important?  What about cross-selling and up-selling?   How is customer service effectiveness prioritized compared to your other strategic imperatives in your company?

If you would like to quickly compare how your Contact Center stacks up to 16 key best practice indicators in the areas of differentiating, building sales, creating visibility, and increasing customer loyalty, then this complimentary call center diagnostic is for you.

Benchmark Your Contact Center Now to See Where You Stand

How do you stack up against other leading organizations in other areas?  See all Health Checks.

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