LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Benchmark Your Sales Practices to See Where You Stand


Benchmark Your Sales Practices to See Where You Stand

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Not all sales practices are created equally or applied consistently.   

Different approaches work for different sales strategies and different sales cultures. Regardless of your sales strategy or sales culture however, there are important and foundational sales practices that every sales force needs to get right in order to grow revenues, increase margins, decrease sales cycles, improve portfolio mix and increase deal size.  

First, we believe that every sales force needs a clear, compelling and believable sales strategy that aligns with the overall business strategy.  Our organizational alignment research shows that an unclear strategy slows growth, shrinks profits and disengages customers.  

Second, sales leaders must create an implementable sales plan that their team is willing to execute that makes sense for their unique sales culture.  Unrealistic plans are worthless. 

Third, qualified sales opportunities with target clients need to be consistently generated.  Weak leads waste everyone's precious time. 

Fourth, sales reps must be able to identify what matters most to their buyers at every level in the organization and directly link their solutions to them and their business.  Few clients can afford to invest in areas that are not directly related to increasing revenues, decreasing costs or increasing productivity.

Fifth, your sales team must be able to effectively communicate, present and reinforce your differentiated value proposition in a way that deeply resonates with their buyers.  The right solution with the wrong messaging is often not seen as the right solution when it matters most.

Lastly, sales teams must be able to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements.Do not let the last step in the buying process derail your sales and marketing efforts.

If you would like to see where you stand from a sales perspective, these free online health checks are for you:

  1. Benchmark Your Overall Sales Performance: All 5 Areas (20 minutes)  
  2. Benchmark Your Sales Strategy and Planning (5 minutes) 
  3. Benchmark How You Generate & Present Sales Opportunities (5 minutes)  
  4. Benchmark Your Executive and Solution Selling (5 minutes)  
  5. Benchmark Your Sales Negotiations (5 minutes)  
How do you stack up?  See all Health Checks.

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