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Top 10 Blog Posts for 2015

  1. Be Smart...Some Revenue Is 10x Better than Others.
    Revenue is revenue is revenue, right? Not really. Solution selling training programs find that some revenue is better than others because it holds more promise and security for the future. Here is the revenue you should aim for.
  2. The Optimum Frequency for Employee Engagement Surveys to Get 5x Greater Results.
    Employee engagement training organizations like ours that measure employee engagement annually see stronger improvements to engagement than those that survey less frequently. Read about why.
  3. Do Not Set Your New Managers Up to Fail - Give Them Time to Learn Before They Lead.
    When you promote a star individual contributor to management, recognize that many of the traits that fostered high performance in one role do not necessarily carry over to the next role. It is not uncommon to under-estimate and under-appreciate what it takes to successfully lead others.
  4. Research Report on the Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Manager Effectiveness.
    For decades, organizational effectiveness experts have believed that managers have an enormous influence on employee engagement and retention.  While most of us would intuitively come to these conclusions, this research report offers compelling data and insights based upon surveying over half a million employees across more than 5,000 organizations every year.
  5. Organizational Alignment: The Missing Performance Ingredient.
    Leaders are being asked to do more with less, faster - and they cannot afford to miss the mark.  Getting aligned means configuring the critical elements of your company to optimize short- and long-term performance. Based upon our proprietary alignment research, we know that misaligned strategy, culture and talent cause poor performance in the short-term and, in the long-term unsustainable  organizational health in terms of revenue, profits, customer satisfaction and retention, employee engagement, leadership effectiveness and business performance.
  6. When It Is Smart to Measure Training Impact.
    Overall, we believe that corporate training should be undertaken only when it is relevant to the participants, their boss and the company as a whole.  We also believe that training measurement should be a critical ingredient of any training initiative undertaken to change behavior and improve performance.
  7. How to Significantly Reduce the Cost of Training.
    If you want a quick way to decrease the cost of training, consider this... the majority of training does not quantifiably impact the strategic priorities of the company.  Lessen the bottom line "cost" of training by eliminating any training that does not provide measurable business value and impact.
  8. Sales Presentation Tools to Convert Your Audience from Negative to Positive.
    Have you ever faced an audience that was predisposed to just the opposite of your proposal or viewpoint? It can be very uncomfortable.   Convincing people to do what they don't want to do can feel like an impossible challenge. But sales presentation training offers a few tools to disarm a negative audience and thoughtfully convert them to your way of thinking or at least to consider a more broad perspective.
  9. Four Training Assessment Warning Signs to Avoid at All Costs.
    Too many well-intentioned companies undertake surveys without a solid and implementable plan to take action in a way that makes sense compared to all of the other priorities on their plate.  Too many employee engagement survey results and skill assessments languish on the shelf before meaningful action is taken. No wonder so many groan at the mere thought of taking another survey. This phenomenon even has a name at many companies - "Survey Fatigue." It does not mean that people are tired of taking surveys. It means that they are weary of taking surveys that do not matter.
  10. The Value of Scenario-Based Training.
    Getting a pilot's license used to involve simply showing your flight instructor that you could follow the steps to get from A to B. If you mastered the individual tasks required to take off, maneuver through the flight pattern and land safely, you were OK'd for your solo and the ultimate test of competency. Now, however, flight schools have realized that better training involves understanding not just what to do but why you do it. This is the value of scenario-based training.  And corporate universities should pay attention.

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