LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 4 Steps to Truly Delight Your Customers


4 Steps to Truly Delight Your Customers

What can one truly delighted customer do for your company?

When you can transform a simply satisfied customer to a genuine promoter, you have a customer who will buy more, return again and spread the good word to their friends. If you could replicate this interaction across the organization, every customer could become an important advocate for your company!

According to Bain & Company, companies that excel in the customer experience grow revenues up to 8% faster based upon stronger loyalty and higher recommendations. As a result, delighted customers have a lifetime value of 6 to 14 times greater than dissatisfied customers:

  1. Articulate a customer-centric vision Company leaders need to create a clear, compelling and implementable vision of how your company truly differentiates itself from the competition in the eyes of your customers.

    Is your aim to offer speedy delivery, to anticipate the needs of your customers every time, or, perhaps, to solve customer issues in one easy call?

    To delight their customers, Zappos depends upon free overnight delivery service as a "thank you" for each order. L.L. Bean offers an actual live, friendly, knowledgeable person on the line on every phone tree needed.

    Your customer service strategy needs to be simply stated and understood by everyone from the board room to the employees on the front line.
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