LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 6 Tips and Warning Signs - How to Keep & Onboard New Sales Folks


6 Tips and Warning Signs - How to Keep & Onboard New Sales Folks

Because it takes time and money to get new salespeople up-to-speed and because buyers want stability, most of our clients want their sales force to stay over the long term.

While the desired length of time is unique to each business model, less than twelve months seems universally unacceptable and three-to-ten years of tenure appears to be an attractive range for sales leaders.

It Starts with Hiring Right
If you did your homework as a sales manager and hired well, your new hire will have the right interpersonal, motivational and intellectual competencies to thrive on the job and in your corporate culture. But your job as team leader is not yet over.

Know Why Top Talent Leaves
It is as much your responsibility to keep "A" players on the team and successful as it is to select them in the first place. That means that you have to keep an eye on the top three reasons that most salespeople leave:

  1. Greater opportunities for advancement, learning, promotion and commissions
  2. Easier sales situations with more differentiated solutions or in less competitive sales environments
  3. Better cultural fit regarding how things actually get done in the organization
Make On-Boarding Count
Even though your new hires may be well schooled in complex, solution and value selling, they are not familiar with your organization, with their co-workers, with your products/services, and with your customers. Help ease their transition to their new job by practicing six sales on-boarding tips and identifying the six early warning signs that you need to take action.

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